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Udine Fiere S.p.A., hereinafter referred to as Udine Fiere or the Company, aims to boost and promote local economies, as well as to glamorize the connected production systems on a regional and national stage, with special care given to the business sectors characterising Friulian and regional economy and, on the international stage, to the ones characterising Central and Eastern Europe. In order to reach this scope, Udine Fiere organises in its centre or in other suitable venues: shows, fairs, exhibitions, as well as other regional, national, international initiatives. These can be yearly events, or can have a different frequency, but in general they come along with collateral initiatives, and can be classified in different product categories specified on each individual occasion.

ART. 2

Opening dates of applications and exhibitions are set by Udine Fiere. The Company reserves the right to change both the opening date and the duration of the exhibition, at any moment. Its decision shall be final and no refund nor compensation shall be due neither to the participants nor to anyone else, without prejudice to the art. 30.


ART. 3

        3.1 – The exhibitions organised by Udine Fiere can be attended by:
                a) Italian and foreign producers;
                b) salesmen, dealers, Italian and foreign sales representatives of national and international manufacturing companies, provided that these companies do not have participation at the exhibition on their own account;
                c) institutions, associations, consortia, enterprises, organisations, bodies in general, recognised as promoters, organisers and realizers strictly connected to the economic development.
       3.2 – Salesman, dealers, Italian and foreign sales representatives of national and international manufacturing companies attending the exhibitions without an express authorization given by those companies shall be committed on their own against Udine Fiere. The participation of more than one salesmen or dealer of the same company at the same exhibitions shall not be allowed.
       3.3 – Without prejudice to special regulations and to exceptional instances in which Udine Fiere, whose decision shall be final, grants explicit authorization, participants can exhibit solely new samples.

ART. 4

         4.1 – The application, drawn up in the provided form “Contract of Participation”, filled in each part, signed by the Legal Representative of the company and equipped with all the annexes (the all of them drawn up and signed as well), shall be received by the Company as indicated by the Company itself. The application has to come along with the receipt of the payment made for the amounts as indicated in the art. 6.2
        4.2 – Once the application is submitted it becomes irrevocable and binding for the applicant, who, by the actual  fact of the submission, remains  engaged, together  with  representatives,  assistants  technicians  and  employees, to  scrupulously observe all laws  and  regulations of the Public  Authority and in  particular the  present articles  and  also any subsequent rules which may be issued by Udine Fiere.

ART. 5

        5.1 – The acceptance of the applications is reserved to Udine Fiere, whose decision shall be final.
        5.2 – In the event of the application being refused, Udine Fiere is under no obligation to  reveal to  the  applicant the reasons for such refusal or to pay him any reimbursement or indemnity, except and only the reimbursement of the sum deposited together with the application.
       5.3 –  The admission has a personal nature. The deriving rights cannot be transferred to third parties. It is moreover prohibited the exhibition of products from companies not included by the participant in the catalogue subscription, with the explicit list of the  products to be included in the catalogue.
       5.4 – Udine Fiere reserves the right at any moment,  without appeal  and  without any obligation to reimburse or to indemnify any other person or party whomsoever, to alter the participation procedures for technical or service causes, and its decision shall be final.
       5.5 – Should the Participant, after having submitted the application, renounce his participation at the Fair he  shall so inform Udine Fiere in writing at  least  thirty days  before the  opening  date, stating  and documenting the reasons, which will be judged by Udine Fiere, in its own absolute opinion. The cancellation of the participation gives no right to the reimbursement of the registration fee, and the participant shall pay 50% of the rent for the space allocated. If  the  announcement of  said  non-participation is made between 30 (thirty) and 15 (fifteen) days before the opening dates, the participant must pay the entire amount of the rent for the space allocated. In case of an even later announcement,  in addition to the obligation to pay the entire amount, the participant must also pay as a penalty a sum equal to double the said amount plus the indemnification of any further prejudice.

ART. 6

         6.1 – The participants to the Fair shall make the following payments according to  the tariffs  and information as stated by Udine Fiere:
                  a) a rent for the hiring of the space allocated on land (stands) to be calculated for each square metre even if not entirely occupied;
                  b) a registration fee;
                  c) a payment for services with which the Fair is equipped and which the  participants  intend to use in compliance with Art. 16;
d) a participation fee for each represented Society, to be inserted in the official Catalogue, if planned;
e) a fee for the concession to sell, where applicable and authorised;
          6.2 – The  application  should be  accompanied by  the  payment of  the  registration  fee  complete, of the fee for the represented Societies, and an account on the other amounts as indicated by Udine Fiere.
          6.3 – The settlement for the amounts due by the participant shall be paid before getting the materials out of the exhibition centre. Without this payment it shall not be possible to obtain an “exit voucher” as at Art. 26.

          6.4 – In the event of delays in payment of any amount due by the participant to Udine Fiere, it shall be applied an interest rate equal to the official discount rate increased of 5 (five) percentage points.


ART. 7

         7.1 – Normally the stands are allocated on the principle of the  classification by  type of  goods, in  the  absolute opinion of Udine Fiere, bearing in mind, however as far as possible the requests contained in the applications.
         7.2 – Udine Fiere reserves the  right - to be  exercised in its own absolute opinion at  any moment, to reduce the space already granted or to  replace it with other. In such an event, the exhibitor has the right only to a readjustment, if needed, of the amount due in relation to the reduced surface, and no right to any reimbursement or indemnity, nor to terminate the participation contract.

ART. 8

         8.1 – The allocated space will be available, without prejudice to any different indication given by Udine Fiere, 4 (four) days before the opening date of the exhibitions. Decorations and preparation will be carried out and paid a by and at expense of the participant.
        8.2 – Udine Fiere will provide at its expense general decorations, day and night lighting and general cleaning.

ART. 9

         9.1 – Each participant must submit to Udine Fiere a drawing for the preparation of the allocated space in order to receive the approval, including lighting installations. The set-up shall not be more than 3 (three) metres high. For exhibitions requiring particular preparations, Udine Fiere can change this limit with prior notice to the participants. The Company shall, in any case and in its absolute opinion, authorize from time to time an exception to the height limit for individual participants, without granting the same exception for the other participants.
         9.2 – No participants shall install in its allocated space furniture or object in a way that does not allow the light to come in, or that does create trouble to others.