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  • Exhibitors cards
  • Hostess Service
  • SIAE (Association of Italian Authors and Publishers): radio, record player
  •  SIAE (Association of Italian Authors and Publishers): cd, new media, multimedia
  • SIAE (Association of Italian Authors and Publishers): Tv, video recorder
  • Right of connection to the electrical power (Kw2)
  • Additional/requested electrical power (over Kw2)
  • Connection to the telephone line with pre-paid traffic
  • ISDN connection
  • Right of connection to the water supply (labour and material excluded)
  • Water connection with sink
  • Stand cleaning (for the entire period)
  • Rental of a 6-kg. ABC powder fire extinguisher
  • MANDATORY insurance


  •  “STANDARD” preparation: moquette, octanorm double rolled panels, lighting, fascia
  • Renting of additional lighting 150 watt max (only on rod)
  • Renting of spotlight wire bar (300 watt max)
  • Renting of fascia (only octanom stands)
  • Moquette flooring
  • Renting of shell-scheme panels (double rolled aluminium, white/black)
  • Renting of shell-scheme panels (transparent plexiglass)
  • Renting of a tie bar
  • Renting of an accordion door (only octanom stands)
  • Renting of 100x50x100counter displays
  • Renting of  80x45x160 glass display cabinets (only internal stands)
  • Renting of trestle desks (120x80)
  • Renting of chairs
  • Renting of 50x50x50 cubes
  • Renting of 50x50x100 cubes
  • Renting of a 100x100x50 cube
  • Renting of flat or inclined shelf (only on octanom panel)
  • Normal adhesive lettering (15 cm h)
  • Adhesive brand (plant excluded – 15 cm h)
  • Renting of dustbins
  • Renting of coat hangers


  • Invitations
  • Advertising space on the map
  • Advertising space in the News